Kitchen Cabinet Designs From Great Designers


clean white kitchen design

 David Howell ‘s design work, David Howell has a 20-year background as an architect and interior designer. His kitchens design clean, crisp and organic, modern but liveable.

vintage kitchens

vintage kitchens, Antique white kitchen cabinets

Antique white kitchen cabinets, vintage kitchens from Vintage by Nina




The above 3 pictures come from kitchen designer Susan.



Photos by Jake Fitzjones

3 Responses to “Kitchen Cabinet Designs From Great Designers

  • You have some very slick ideas for kitchens. I particularly like the blue rounded kitchen. That sort of thing just blows my mind! Unfortunately, the architecture of our tract home is such that it would look very much out of place. But I do very much like the idea of something like that. I keep hoping I will eventually come up with a monster-mash idea for our kitchen (I’m a cabinetmaker), which is why I spend so much of my spare time surfing the Internet. Thank you for sharing these ideas. You have given me much to think about.

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