Modern Kitchen Color Scheme: Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Color is an important consideration in kitchen design since it influences our moods. A good combination of kitchen colors in the scheme of your decoration can make your kitchen look livelier and more appealing.

Orange radiates fun, flamboyance and energy. Orange is considered to be an extreme colour and sometimes tend to evoke a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ attitude from people. Orange, like red, is also said to be appetizing. Scroll down to see orange colored kitchens from some of Europe’s top kitchen makers.

A kitchen should primarily be painted in shades of yellow, orange, cream or even beige. Apart from choosing the correct shade for the walls, the lighting of the kitchen also plays an important role in creating positive energy.

Sweet fruit color, orange kitchen cabinets

Sweet fruit color, orange kitchen cabinets, chairs and kitchen wares.

copat orange italian modern kitchen

Orang and white

Orang and white.

Kitchens by Febal Cucine, an Italian company.

grifflos orange kitchen

a em orange kitchen island

Modern design, White cabinets and sunshine orange kitchen island.


volare orange kitchen

Orange and gray, metallic kitchen

Kitchen by Bálint Somogyi


Black and orange.

by Dudi Firdaus

copat orange kitchen design

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Choose A Style Of Kitchen With The Type Of Style For Your LifeWhen you are choosing the basic kitchen furniture, like counters, baker’s racks, and the sturdy cabinets like your kitchen table, you are going to have several different types of styles available to choose.

Bontempi Cabinets – Italian Lifestyle
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Bontempi Cucineone of the leading company in lifestyles. They have a full range of collections beside kitchen cabinets. Beautiful Italian contemporary kitchen designs share with you.
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Other Designs
The styles that you choose are going to be very important because they are going to give your kitchen …

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Colorful Kitchens – Bright Orange Kitchen WallSunset Orange
The Yellow orange wall and white cabinets will make your kitchen coloful and warm, Orange is commonly associated with food, and therefore is a good color choice for a kitchen, either as the main color, or as an accent. Orange tends to illicit hunger, making it a good choice for a kitchen color. Bright Orange will give a warm and lively ambience- an ideal place to be with friends.

Photos: the kitchn

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