Rustic Kitchen Color Schemes

Rustic kitchens are often beautifully coloured – we suggest pale blues, greens and reds. Try different colors on walls and fittings and, most enjoyably, you don’t have to be too neat with your painting! Rustic kitchens look great with a few paint drops here and there, a combination of weak and strong brush strokes and wispy, wavy lines – this is what gives them their great charm and character. (via:

cream-coloured cabinets

A beautiful blend of wood counters, modern furniture, cream-coloured cabinets and hardwood. (via:

Mix traditional wooden furniture

Mix traditional wooden furniture with retro accessories for a welcoming, farmhouse-style kitchen. Display teacups, knick-knacks and utensils on shelves and hooks for a really vintage look. (via:)

Rustic Kitchen Color Schemes

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black and white kitchen cabinets


 Rustic Kitchen Color SchemesKitchen Cabinet Distressed

Whether it’s simply worn or truly beat up, this rustic finish is made up of layered colors and spattered dark paint (to mimic fly specks). When the paint is dry, you can “distress” the finish by hitting it with a chain and lightly sanding in the spots where cabinets get the most use to reveal the colors underneath. (via:

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Red Kitchens and Red in KitchenRed and white country kitchen design, china kitchenware, red cabinets.

Kitchens completed in the French nation mode are extremely well-liked, but for those of us looking for impressive a little unusual and a little more “nowadays” while motionless retaining that huge French artistic, we have the design branded as French modern style.
The French kitchen modern design style slots in classic French essentials such as blue white accents and walls with contemporary details such as stainless steel appliances. French kitchen design style also frequently comprise a center island – with or with no …

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Rustic Country Kitchen DesignRustic wooden furniture like the wardrobe and dining table are in keeping with the beams and other traditional country-style features in this kitchen. White walls ensure the compact space appears more spacious. Metal accents like the bar stools and industrial-style pendant lights add a modern touch, combining clean lines with more traditional elements. First published in: 25 Beautiful Homes, February 2009?

Rustic charm kitchen
Rustic oak cabinets starts off the country-style feel of this kitchen, which is continued by using rattan storage baskets to clear away clutter. The mantel has been painted …

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