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Modern kitchen with clean lines by Schiffini

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

kitchen drawer storage ideas

Kitchen drawer storage ideas.

doors details

Kitchen doors and island design details.

black kitchen minimalist style

All black minimalist kitchen.

modern kitchen and kitchen island


White cabinets and orange island. Modern.

World-famous designer Vico Magistretti is an undisputed expert of Italian design and architecture. Inspired by great mass production, he has made history with his ultramodern creations which boast universal appeal. In his design the kitchen is the true heart of the home. Via: the Mesa Kitchen by Schiffini

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Traditional Swedish handmade wood kitchen

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

traditional swedish style kitchen

An amazing traditional & farmhouse hand made kitchen!

Hard Dinesen Oak kitchen

Implemented in every detail, like a dish from Noma: kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe is a study in well-executed joinery, and in the cozy living room in Christianshavner-house appears to its right. The kitchen is made of Hard Dinesen Oak oak planks, like the floor. On the shelves are stoneware by Aage Würtz. On the wall one Trampedach drawing. The beautiful original fireplace has a new organ meats, so it can be used for cooking.

knife and drawer

Knives storage in the kitchen drawer.
handmade wood cabinet details

Door details.

handmade wood countertops and sink

The table top is like the rest of the kitchen made of a long plank. The sink in hand forged brass manufactures Garde Hvalsøe itself. Faucet from Quooker.

warm color handmade kitchen

The old Christianshavnerhus is enabled from the living room to the attic without having been given the purchase of the building’s original charm. This bears out that use the same wood for flooring and kitchen. The kitchen’s warmer color because it is treated with linseed oil. Note that the kitchen is made of continuous planks so that all trays in a layer comes from the same plank. bobedre

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Smart design for storage in small space white kitchen

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

kitchen and living room

small kitchen space simple design

simple wood island for breakfast
Small space kitchen, simple, clean, white, contemporary design, high upper cabinets for storage, simple bar island for breakfast. “Rough and sleek, old and new, neutral and black. Walls softened by fabric and mezzanine of OSB. Even a false door. Big on style and small in square metres. 29sqm by Polish architects 3XA.” designtoinspire.

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Fantastic modern rustic kitchen

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

wood and country style
Solid wood  kitchen and a handcrafted table as an island. The antique white stove and the copper pots are amazing.

handcraft kitchen rusitc design
“The cupboards and shelves are made from old Baltic pine floorboards, while the workbench has a mixed local handwood top and ironbark legs.”

dreaming kitchen wood island table
Open design kitchen besides living room.

black backsplash and copper pots
Black tiles backsplash. “Most of Tamsin’s copper pots are handmade in Tasmania, using traditional techniques including hand tinning of the interior.”
Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins. Found photos on

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Hanging pots on the chalkboard wall in kitchen

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

chalkboard wall and hanging board

Hanging kitchen rail, chalkboard wall, beautiful design and smart organize idea.Ikea

hanging pots rail and chalkboard walls
Chalkboard wall in kitchen. “Detail from Kirra’s impressive warehouse kitchen!  Photo by Brooke Holm.”

kitchen movable table and chalkboard wall
Cooks’ Tools hanging on the black wall, chalkboard
black wall and kitchen storage
Chalkboard wall and kitchen storage. Practical kitchen rail, kitchen design and storage
hanging pot on the chalkboard wall
Hanging pots on the chalkboard wall in kitchen. tumblr

chalkboard wall for kitchen backsplash

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Beautiful black kitchen backsplash

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

backsplash white and black
Modern simple kitchen. White and black splashback tiles from Jatana Interiors. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins

white rustic kitchen and black backsplash

White rustic kitchen with red brick flooring, black countertops, black appliance and black backsplash. Flickr

concrete countertops and backsplash

Concrete countertops and concrete backsplash. “Hooks on top of the backsplash put your most-used kitchen gadgets in easy reach.” decor8blog
black tiles backsplash
Black tile backsplash. Beautiful design.  flickr
blackboard walls and black backsplash
Chalkboard walls and black backsplash for white kitchen.
ceramic tiles backsplash

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Kitchen storage ideas: Drawer organizers

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

drawer storage system

The system includes flatware and utensil storage, reconfigurable drawer dividers (held together with mini magnets), spice storage, knife blocks and cutting boards.
Accessory packages range from $1,500 and up.

kitchen drawer kitchen storage ideas
kitchen drawer organizers

These kitchen drawer organizers by Henrybuilt are perfect. Made of solid wood, each item holds and divides kitchen utensils and accessories in precise order.

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Compact and functional kitchen constructive design

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

small kitchen space

small kitchen

kitchen details

simple wood kitchen small kitchen unit
Small kitchen space smart and constructive design. The cabinets look very stylish in dark metal of different shades and light-colored wood, and such a kitchen is not only cool-designed, it’s compact and functional – all these cabinets can easily accomodate everything you need and won’t take much space.Constructive Kitchen by Studio Mieke Meijer. The project was sponsored by Forbo. 

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Before and after: Small white kitchen DIY Under $500

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Cutting boards
Cutting boards that Danielle uses as serving trays hang as wall decoration.

small kitchen storage ideas
Storage cupboard and open shelving which displaying only white and neutral shades.
small white kitchen
Small white kitchen, Photography by Manuel Rodriguez, You will find the design details and the materials list about the kitchen here: remodelista.

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Old kitchens and open shelves, kitchen inspiration

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

vintage kitchen old world kitchen

Old vintage retro wood kitchen, blue stove, unique stools design, pots and pans hanging above the wood kitchen island. retro kitchen, i like the pendants


Retro industrial kitchen, good inspiration. love the photo!

open shelving with metal frame old kitchen

Love the kitchen, old and warm memories.

old industrial kitchen

Unique wood open shelving beside range hood design with metal frames.industrial straight simple kitchen
Simple straight industrial kitchen. Small but beautiful.

All above photos found on bloodandchampagne and apartmenttherapy