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Amazing red painted kitchen and blue walls

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

modern red painted kitchen and blue walls
What an amazing kitchen with the red painted doors and Chinese blue walls. Beautiful color scheme, beautiful Chinese blue walls.  Get your kicks on.

Red in kitchens:

Red and white modern cute kitchen

Friday, April 26th, 2013


The modern kitchen design with white cabinets, red and white checkered floor, black countertops and some red stuffs like the fridge, lighting and some decorations, love the color scheme.

Anna Cardell

Moden Deep Red Kitchen Cabinets with White Marble Countertop

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

deep red cabients

den architecture

galley kitchen design
Kitchen renovation by DEN Architecture, contemporary style, galley kitchen design.

Grandeur Open Plan White Kitchen

Contemporary White Kitchen and Kitchen Island Bar

Minimalist Stylish Modern White Kitchens By Bulthaup

Excellent Example of Contemporary Gray Kitchen By Ernestomeda

A Red Kitchen, A Black Kitchen

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

via: Aptos retreat

People often ignore vibrant colors when it comes to big items because they are afraid to get bored with a few years. In reality, whatever the color, you will get bored at some point. Playing safe has its merits but it can also lacks personality. But nothing is static, in fact, more and more people choose red for their kitchen, all bright red doors with natural maple surrounded, I like this big kitchen!

All black modern kitchen.

via Oz-glam by Greg Natale

Minimalist In Traditional Style Red Painted Kitchen

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Designed by Leone Mazzari, the Melograno kitchen (which translates to “Pomegranate”) is characteristic for its color and its transitional style. This dramatic red painted kitchen by Composit to whet the appetite for bold and functional style.

linear design red kitchen

This linear design lends itself to open-concept house styles and offers lots of storage concealed by its claim to fame – its red painted oak kitchen cabinets.

dramatic red painted modern, minimalist style

The door faces do away with handles and pulls, taking a more-modern, minimalist approach. And while we love the dramatic red shade, this interesting kitchen also comes in 11 other hot colors, including natural wood tones.

modern and transitional style

minimalist traditional red kitchen

If minimalist is too boring for you and traditional is too much then this bold red kitchen with just enough decorative details may be perfect for you.



Dining place

Dining place.

Know more about this kitchen, visit Composit. Via Trendir.

Beautiful Colorful Kitchen Decor–Red and White Cabinets

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

light blue-green walls kitchen

This is Matt and Blair’s home, the kitchen has beautiful blue-green walls, in a color that’s very hard to photograph accurately: It shifts between pale blue, green, and turquoise in a delightful play of colors as the morning sun comes in. It’s so lovely, and yet it’s just one of the many smart, modern, and retro-inspired decisions Matt and Blair made in their kitchen.
red upper cabinets

The kitchen is a wonderfully pleasant space: A big room, with high ceilings, and windows open to the backyard. Even though the house itself is not terribly big, the kitchen feels so spacious. They chose a “fresh retro” look, that great blue-green color, and bright red cabinets.

stove, countertops

Kitchen sink, red cabinets

Red cabinets and white countertops
Read more on thekitchn

Modern Foldable Kitchens Design For Compact Homes From Florida Furniture

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Florida Furniture Moove Kitchen, Red Design

white design, foldable kitchen for small home

Modern Foldable Kitchens Design

 Moove 01 and  Moove 02

Some people living in small spaces don’t need to look at their kitchen all the time; an Italian company logically called Florida Kitchens has introduced two models that have sliding components so that they just go away when not needed. the Moove 1 closes up by having the top slide down, which seems complicated for not much gain in space. The Moove 02 is a lot more interesting.

Italian furniture brand Florida Furniture presents a first for modern homes – foldable kitchens. The Moove 01 and Moove 02 foldable kitchens are a great addition to the compact home, where an inch unused is an inch wasted. Well, you can be sure these kitchens maximize every inch. Moove 01 features cabinets that offer plenty of storage and open up to reveal your backsplash and work surface, or close to conceal it all for a sleek, streamlined look. Moove 02 features folding lower cabinets and appliances that quite literally slide out of the way when not in use, folding neatly into the island. Talk about making some bold “Mooves” in the kitchen! For more information on these innovative kitchen designs, visit Florida Furniture. (found on trendir)

Choose The Right Color Scheme For Your kitchen

Friday, October 15th, 2010


Red painted kitchen cabinet. photo via:

HPL kitchen in Abet colours Giallo Savana and Rosso Barolo From Warendorf Kitchen

What Color To Paint Your Cottage Style Kitchen Cabinets

Choose A Style Of Kitchen With The Type Of Style For Your Life

In fact, there are plenty of kitchen paint ideas you can choose from to transform your kitchen into the exact look you want, but you also need to take your time when choosing a paint color. Painting cabinets is a smart alternative to replacing them. The right color scheme can update the cabinets and your overall kitchen. Decide on a palette that works with the walls. Even curtains or dishtowels can provide inspiration for a kitchen’s color palette. A semi-gloss is the most common finish used in the kitchen because it’s highly scrubbable, but not too shiny that it overtakes the whole room. A hi-gloss also stands up well to scrubbing and washing and is ideal for cabinets.

Light blue walls and dark green kitchen cabinet doors
Light blue walls and dark green cabinet doors, from the Kitchen Vote.

Start painting by removing the cabinet drawers, doors and hardware. Lightly sand the cabinet surface dull, wash and apply a good primer coat. Lay cabinet doors flat and on a raised surface (such as two sawhorses). Paint the front and edges. Allow them to dry, then paint the back. Paint drawers, then the cabinet frames. You also may want to incorporate new cabinet hardware into your new look.

Kitchen Colors Ideas
One of the most efficient ways to add color to a kitchen would be to paint the kitchen cabinet. Since cabinets usually occupy the greater part of the kitchen, adding color to them would be a great way spice up the kitchen Decor.
For the kitchen walls, the best bet would be to install new tiles in trendy designs and deep tones all over the kitchen or above the kitchen counters. Apart from looking beautiful and colorful, tiles make cleaning and wiping easy and simple.
A monochromatic color scheme with matching cabinet, countertop and wall colors can be spiced up by creating a focal point in the kitchen in bold contrasting colors and stenciled motifs.
Another area of concern for beautifying a kitchen would be to install bright, multihued curtains available in decorative patterns. However, get curtains that are easily washable.
Do not overlook the fact that colors look different in different lighting systems. If you are planning to go for fluorescent or incandescent lighting, it may affect the hue of your kitchen color in a different fashion entirely.

White Cottage Kitchen With Red Island

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Red and white cottage kitchen
Designer: Jethany Lee, CKD, Preston Feather Building Centers, 800-968-2501.

This home’s setting on Pickerel Lake helped define a kitchen redo that is as bright and cottage-casual as it is efficient. The centerpiece is a distressed red island with charming turned legs, beadboard doors and a maple butcher-block top. The island’s warm, spicy red contrasts with off-white stained cabinets accented with a vanilla glaze. The homeowners hand selected their granite, a stone called Gold and Silver marked by black, white and gold veining. The granite adds an unexpected touch of contrast and sophistication to the kitchen. Read more on

Contemporary Stainless Steel Kitchens From Elmarcucine

Country Kitchen with Small Island

Hot-pink in Modern Kitchen

Choose A Style Of Kitchen With The Type Of Style For Your Life

Transitional Kitchens Design By Arch-Interiors

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Grubb red yellow kitchen

Cook like the pros with a commercial grade stove in your kitchen. The copious amount of counter space is a necessity for the expert chef/entertainer. Bright colors of red handmade tiles on dark wood raised panel cabinetry are complemented by a gold paint suiting the Spanish architecture of the house. Photography by Greg Weiner.

Grubb red blue bathroom

Colors of red and blue stay true to form in this Spanish Colonial Revival bathroom. Decorative backsplash tile restores the look of an original installation. Saltillo tiles stay true to the tradition with beautiful iron sconces emulating candles and a bold color on the walls. Photography by Greg Weiner.

kitchen with exposed beams
This unique kitchen features a beautiful Versailles patterned limestone floor. The granite counters with varying sizes of tumbled stone on the backsplash are accented with bronze sabots. All appliances are hidden with cabinetry door fronts for a seamless look. Photograph by John Martorano. (via:
Interior Designer, Arch-Interiors Design Group Inc.
Phone: 310-652-7600

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Hot-pink in Modern KitchenThis hot-pink glass worktop and splashback is sure to give your kitchen the wow factor. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also easy to clean and non-porous so it doesn’t harbour bacteria. First published in: Ideal Home, June 2010
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Rainbow bright kitchen
Rainbow brights are perfect for giving a dull room wow factor. Choose at least three colours to work with – any less and it will look too staid – and use them sparingly around the space for maximum impact. A white background is best as …

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Red Kitchens and Red in KitchenRed and white country kitchen design, china kitchenware, red cabinets.

Kitchens completed in the French nation mode are extremely well-liked, but for those of us looking for impressive a little unusual and a little more “nowadays” while motionless retaining that huge French artistic, we have the design branded as French modern style.
The French kitchen modern design style slots in classic French essentials such as blue white accents and walls with contemporary details such as stainless steel appliances. French kitchen design style also frequently comprise a center island – with or with no …