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Gorgeous old world kitchen

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

gorgeous rustic kitchen

great kitchen and dining space
rustic kitchen bright solid wood
old traditional country kitchen
pale blue french country kitchen
Old, traditional, rustic, solid wood, all these kitchens are gorgeous! Love the old feeling, love the large space~ Photos found on Pinterest
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This natural kitchen! I love!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

raw wood barn-style kitchen
Barn-style doors, all natural wood cabinets and doors, the wooden walls with chalkboard is so amazing! Rustic, natural, unique design cozy kitchen!
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Old world traditional kitchens

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

a heavy black old world kitchen
A washed black heavy kitchen made of solid wood, with a creamy wood island. Charming old world look.

Santa Rosa, old world kitchen
Black cabinets and white island, love the washed wood. luxry traditional kitchen in warm yellow color old world kitchen island traditional heavy grand kitchen with big black island

Old world traditional kitchen with a big center island, dark wood mix black, heavy look.

A grant dark color(chocolate ) traditional kitchen.

blue and yellow old country kitchen
Yellow traditional cabinets and blue center island.
warm color traditional old kitchen

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Elegant traditional kitchen “English Mood Kitchen”

Monday, December 8th, 2014

white kitchen and black kitchen island
The elegant black and white traditional kitchen is called English Mood Kitchen design by Minacciolo.

English traditional style kitchen

island with a sink area
“The sink within the island is a double basin Melange concrete unit that is the same material used on the island countertop.”
English Mood Kitchen
“The English Mode Kitchen is part of the historic collection by Minacciolo and is made with solid wood construction. This kitchen features an island with a sink area and a wall of storage behind it – including a pair of pantries that flank the cabinets beside the stove. There is also wine storage, a TV and a chalkboard. Over the island is a suspended unit for hanging utensils, while the back of the island features a bar with two Provenza model stools. The area above the cabinets and behind the stove is finished in dark Anthracite cement. Found on trendir.

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Solid oak modern country kitchen

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

A solid oak loft kitchen with perfect natural look, modern country style design, love all the details of the kitchen.
simple and beautiful wood kitchen
“The loft kitchen is the modern country cottage kitchen for those who love wood, enjoy cooking and appreciate authentic craftsmanship and natural materials. “
beautiful marble details

green-grey marble countertops and backsplash

kitchen stuff organization

natural stone countertop
“Combined with a natural stone countertop, the wood Loft Kitchen brings the natural aesthetics of Mother Nature inside.”

wooden door details

perfect cupboard design
“The hand-sorted wooden fronts make this kitchen a real natural beauty that showcases the primordial charms of wood perfectly – an effect that is particularly evident in the wild oak and wild walnut versions.  A thick wood butcher block can be incorporated into the countertop as either a stationary or removable feature.”

oak wood kitchen for loft
“The open-plan design allows easy access to kitchen utensils for a seamless cooking experience. The different areas of the loft kitchen can be divided into individual, stand-alone units: cooking area – sink area – equipment area.”
wood butcher block details
“For everyone who loves the natural look of wood and enjoys cooking, the Loft Kitchen ticks all the boxes with its hand-sorted wood door and drawer fronts. By hand sorting the wood used in each kitchen, the colorations, graining and knots have a consistent aesthetic – difficult to do when you consider trees all grow in different environments and conditions and their consequential wood reflects all these variants.” photos and articles via: trendir. Kitchen designed by TEAM7

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Solid Wood Kitchen Under Sloped Roof

Monday, December 1st, 2014

solid wood kitchen under Sloping roofs

all white design

beautiful house

kitchen and dinning space

modern classic living room
Modern traditional kitchen with solid wood cabinet design under sloped roof. Love the romantic house.

“At the top of the house spreads the remainder of the apartment out under the sloping roof with its special window niches that accompanies it from room to room. Up here you will find a kitchen, two bedrooms and the small apartment with a private entrance, which can be rented out separately. Read more on”

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Fresh color modern traditional kitchen

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

kitchen island and chairs

Modern traditional style, open plan kitchen.

light green and wood traditional kitchen

Light blue and wood cabinets, modern traditional style. Photos are by Helen Norman. laurenliess

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Traditional Swedish handmade wood kitchen

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

traditional swedish style kitchen

An amazing traditional & farmhouse hand made kitchen!

Hard Dinesen Oak kitchen

Implemented in every detail, like a dish from Noma: kitchen from Garde Hvalsøe is a study in well-executed joinery, and in the cozy living room in Christianshavner-house appears to its right. The kitchen is made of Hard Dinesen Oak oak planks, like the floor. On the shelves are stoneware by Aage Würtz. On the wall one Trampedach drawing. The beautiful original fireplace has a new organ meats, so it can be used for cooking.

knife and drawer

Knives storage in the kitchen drawer.
handmade wood cabinet details

Door details.

handmade wood countertops and sink

The table top is like the rest of the kitchen made of a long plank. The sink in hand forged brass manufactures Garde Hvalsøe itself. Faucet from Quooker.

warm color handmade kitchen

The old Christianshavnerhus is enabled from the living room to the attic without having been given the purchase of the building’s original charm. This bears out that use the same wood for flooring and kitchen. The kitchen’s warmer color because it is treated with linseed oil. Note that the kitchen is made of continuous planks so that all trays in a layer comes from the same plank. bobedre

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Black and wood contemporary kitchen

Monday, November 10th, 2014

contemporary minimalist wood kitchen

black and wood contemporary kitchen
Contemporary luxury large kitchen, wood cabinets, black walls, black range hood, black center island, cool color scheme, modern minimalist style design. Neometro,MAA Architects and Carr Design Group. found photos on

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Kitchen storage ideas: Drawer organizers

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

drawer storage system

The system includes flatware and utensil storage, reconfigurable drawer dividers (held together with mini magnets), spice storage, knife blocks and cutting boards.
Accessory packages range from $1,500 and up.

kitchen drawer kitchen storage ideas
kitchen drawer organizers

These kitchen drawer organizers by Henrybuilt are perfect. Made of solid wood, each item holds and divides kitchen utensils and accessories in precise order.

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